Q.1 Do I have to host my websites on SiteBild servers?

Answer: No. You can host your websites on your own server or hosting account… but why would you want to?  With SiteBildz, you get up to 12 separate first class servers to choose from. SiteBildz also offers hundreds of available class c IP addresses that are randomly assigned every time you create a website.

Q.2  Are SiteBildz websites WordPress based?

Answer: Yes, the websites you create with SiteBildz are 100% WordPress. We have made the entire process — from setting up hosting, offering top selling products and setting up original quality content a breeze.  It used to take days… even weeks to set-up a complete affiliate website. But not anymore. Now you can create a complete affiliate website in mere minutes…even if you’ve never built a WordPress website before!

Q.3  Are there any additional costs or hidden fees involved with the use of SiteBildz?

Answer: There are no hidden costs or fees associated with SiteBildz, however, if you do not already own a domain you will need to purchase one in order to create a website.  You can register a domain from inside the SiteBildz platform or from any domain registrar of your choice.

Q.4  Does SiteBildz provide me with any website content?

Answer: In order to help each member’s website stand-out online, we don’t offer any website content. That way, there’s no risk of duplicate content penalties for SiteBildz users.
Inside the member’s platform, we’ve included various third party content providers that SiteBildz integrates with but you are not obligated to use them. Articles, logos and royalty free images are just some of the third party services offered from within SiteBildz.

Q.5  Do I own the websites I create with SiteBildz Advantage?

Answer: Yes, the websites you create are 100% yours even if you ever decide to cancel your SiteBildz membership.
All SiteBildz themes come with a lifetime license that is issued to the domain of the site you created.

Q.6  Can I sell the sites I create with SiteBildz?

Answer: Yes you can, as previously mentioned you own the websites you create with SiteBildz. Each site you create includes a lifetime license to the themes you choose. However, each SiteBildz theme is licensed to one domain only.  The license is completely transferable but will only work on the domain the license is issued to.
When it comes time to think about selling your website we encourage you to give our new website auction platform http://www.SiteBidz.com a try.
SiteBidz.com is completely integrated into the SiteBildZ marketing platform which offers you one click site listings, one click site transfers, site flipping tools, free basic listings and HUGE discounts on featured listing upgrades!

Q.7  Do you offer a free trial?

Answer:  Yes, in fact we’ve done one better! SiteBildZ offers a free membership that enables you to take the 30 Day Affiliate Marketing Training course and and try out the software building your first website on a SiteBildZ sub-domain. The process remains the same and once you feel confident in your ability you can simply upgrade to a paid version to begin building site on their own domains.